Now social media is all about photoshoots making waves. Many types of photoshoots are the current trend A couple’s photoshoot goes viral on social media: Check out the cool photos

With the advent of social media, there have been many stars in Kerala who are growing day by day. Till a time male and female artistes did not have such opportunities or platforms to showcase their talent.

Now they can demonstrate their skills in just 15-30 seconds. Sometimes their lives are changed with just one video and they get a lot of followers on social media.

Some have gained fame through social media and become influencers. Each star shares different photoshoots on social media pages. All of them have been quickly taken up by people and have even grown to be shared on fan pages.

The stars are trying to express and display each film better than the other in the cyber world. Many celebrities today are known as social media celebrities.

From Tiktok to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube, everything is full of social media celebrities like this. These types of social media celebrities have emerged in different spheres of society in a very short span of time.

Most of the photoshoots that are shared in the cyber world today are those that make others jealous or put their finger on their nose.

While each star tries to bring variety from one to another, many stars don’t think about how others perceive it or what they think.

Therefore, many stars have as many critics as fans today. The latest to go viral is glamor couple Isha and Rashi’s photoshoots popularly known as Sugar Lips.

They have been active in modeling and vlogging for a long time. Now the hot and glamorous shoots of both of them have gone viral on social media. They post their bold photos without minding a lot of criticism.

Now social media is all about photoshoots making waves. Many types of photoshoots are the current trend. Many appear on social media as variety photoshoots.






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