On the other hand, the hot star’s bathtub video stirred up the social media and the fans rolled their eyes

Today, many people shine as social media celebrities. This is the time when everyone realized that you don’t need to be active in movies and serials to become a celebrity, but if you share photos and videos on different social media platforms, you can definitely become a popular celebrity. Because among us there are many social media celebrities who have gained millions of fans without appearing in a single movie or serial.

Similarly, there is a history in our Malayalam cinema world of many people who have achieved the status of social media celebrities by constantly engaging in social media and later appeared in movies and serials. In short, this is the age of social media celebrities. The easiest way to become a celebrity on social media is to constantly share different photos and videos. Many have been successful in this.

It is a green reality that there are many social media celebrities among us who have gained lakhs of fans by constantly sharing their variety photoshoots on social media  Photoshoots are the most popular of these. We can see a lot of variety photoshoots on social media that put forward different ideas in a form that attracts people. Especially photoshoots in hot and bold outfits are ruling the social media. Even many celebrities are busy sharing such photoshoots.

Chandrika Desai is a star who has become a social media celebrity by constantly sharing her photoshoots on social media. The actor is a well-known social media celebrity More than three lakh fans follow the star on Instagram alone. That is why the photos and videos shared by the star are quickly becoming viral on social media. The actor is mostly seen in photoshoots where he shines in hot and bold outfits. If we check Instagram, we can understand that the star has appeared in many hot photoshoots.

Now social media has taken over a new cool photo shoot of the actor. Social media fans have now embraced the beautiful photos of the star, who looked extremely beautiful in red and in a bold bold outfit.









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