Our model Fiona Allison with Diwali special photos… eyes widened fans!! See the photos

Diwali photoshoot is the most seen photoshoot on social media in the last few days. As part of the Diwali celebrations, many celebrities shared different festive photos on social media. Different types of cool variety photoshoots are making waves on social media.

Many models who are shining in the field of modeling have done a variety cool bold photo shoot related to Diwali celebration. Popular mini screen star and social media star Urfi Javed has received a lot of criticism for a video he shared on social media in connection with Diwali celebrations.

Now again a discussion is going on in the social media regarding the photo shared by a social media celebrity on social media on Diwali day. Wishing Diwali, the actor appeared in a saree in a bold bold look. But the actor was not wearing a blouse. That is the main reason why the photo is being discussed on social media.

Famous model Fiona Allison shared a Diwali celebration photo on Instagram. Many people commented that what the actor did was against the culture of India. The actor’s response to one of the comments has now become a big topic of discussion on social media.

A comment was made under the star’s photo highlighting the fact that she was not wearing a blouse.. The comment is like this.. “I respect your sentiments, but wearing a saree without a blouse is nowhere in line with Indian tradition.” But the star’s reply to that is most remarkable..

The answer is like this..
“No, please learn the history of your own country. I know the history of your country better. Before there were no blouses in India. The blouses were brought/created by British colonists. Do not forget the history of your own country (ancient India). With the statues of temples, you can’t erase the true history of the past. So it might be time to respect past.”

Try to learn the history of your country first. I know the history of your country very well. There was no blouse worn before. The British introduced the blouse system to India. So never forget the story of ancient India. If we look at the idols found in many temples today, history can never be erased. Therefore, this is an opportunity to remember the past with respect.”
Commented that.

The hot answer given by the actor is now the topic of discussion.






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