Pakistan team excited his fans in the gallery.. The star is full of social media

For the past few days, the world has been in a frenzy of cricket. Twenty20 World Cup is going on now. 20-20 cricket is always a celebration for cricket lovers. Especially when it comes to World Cup matches, it is usual for the fans to increase their enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Among us we can see people who support many countries.

India lost to England in the World Cup semi-final and went out. Now Pakistan will face England in the World Cup final. Whoever wins the final, it will be their second 20-20 World Cup title. Pakistan won the World Cup in 2009. England won the title the following year.

No matter what the competition is, some people in the gallery will catch special attention. The cameramen focus especially on women who have come to enjoy the game. We can see this very commonly in World Cup matches. Similarly, there are many people who have appeared on camera in IPL matches who have become celebrities like this.

A Pak fan whose cameraman focused more on the Pakistan New Zealand match in the last semi-final later went viral on social media. Many more followed the woman. Their photos went viral on social media. In any case, the photo of that girl caught on camera is now trending on social media.Many photos later started appearing on social media. Many photos of her in a bold outfit have been shared on social media. Many well-known social media channels were snapping photos of those fans and posting them on social media.






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