Priyanka Chopra told the story of how she survived by holding hands when her clothes started to fall off in public!

Priyanka Chopra is an actress who shines equally in Bollywood and Hollywood. All the features of the star who made his mark in the Indian film industry with his acting skills become viral. Priyanka also has her own fashion statements.Priyanka is also one of those actresses who have a definite stand on many things.

A few days ago, Priyanka also released a book called Unfinished. The pictures shared by Priyanka, who is very active on social media, are taken in seconds on social media.Now, the actress is in the news because she opened up about a mistake she made earlier.

The incident where her clothes started to come off while performing in front of a large crowd, and the actress’s timely actions, opened up about how she did not expect honor in front of the public.The actor says that when his clothes started to fall off, he clasped his hands on his chest and said Namaste and escaped.

Priyanka Chopra had said this in an interview to a magazine.Priyanka Chopra revealed that she had this experience at the ceremony of receiving the Miss World title in 2000. A specially designed dress was used to participate in the ceremony.

There was a sense of unsatisfaction while wearing it.The actress says that the dress was designed to stick to the body and she was afraid that it would come off from the beginning. The actress said that what she was afraid of happened when she finally spoke on stage.

The actress says that when she started talking, the clothes stuck to her body began to move one by one. Finally the clothes started to fall off the body. Finally, he would stand with his hands on his chest, holding his clothes and shaking his hands as if to say thank you.

People thought I was saying thank you. Priyanka Chopra also says that on that day, she shook hands so that she would not be naked in front of a large crowd.

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