Rajinikanth was in the city for a special event, the Karnataka Ratna Award ceremony held to honour late Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar


The actor, who was also a playback singer, producer and television host, passed away last year due to a heart attack. During his life, he had a remarkable career, starring in some of the biggest films in Kannada.

In an emotional speech, Rajinikanth referred to his late friend as ‘God’s Child.’ Jr NTR, who was in attendance, spoke Kannada fluently and said that he was attending the event to celebrate the late actor’s friendship.

The star was in the critical care unit when the actor passed away. His health was a reason for his absence from the ceremony. He had just learned of the tragic death of his friend three days earlier. He was not in a condition to travel when he died, so he could not make the trip.

Rajinikanth was initially reluctant to attend the ceremony, as he was raised in Karnataka. In fact, he once worked as a bus conductor for the Bangalore Transport Service. The award ceremony took place on the steps of Vidhana Souda in the city. Rajinikanth and Jr NTR attended the ceremony. The actor’s brother and wife were also present.

The actor wore a black tracksuit and spectacles. He showed signs of high energy and excitement as he met officials and fans. Rajinikanth had known the actor, who had been a well-known face in Tamil cinema. The Karnataka Ratna Award ceremony will honour the late Rajkumar, and it is likely that many other notable personalities will attend as well.

Ashwini Puneet Rajkumar, the wife of late actor Puneeth Rajkumar, attended the ceremony. She shared some touching words for the actor and his family during the ceremony. Rajinikanth was also present for the ceremony, and he broke into tears as he was called up on stage.

Rajinikanth arrived in Bengaluru today in an all-black outfit. He will attend the ceremony held to honour the late Rajkumar. He will be joined by RRR star Jr NTR and Infosys Foundation Chairperson Sudhakar. Almost 5,000 passes have been issued for the event.


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