Rima Kallingal close to the beach; New photoshoot pictures go viral

Rima Kallingal is an actress who acts in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films. The actor has been able to win many fans very quickly with his acting prowess. The actor has been active since 2009 as an actress, film producer, dancer and television host. The actor started acting with the Malayalam film Ritu released in 2009.

The star has been able to get good reviews through each of the applause-filled films by selecting important characters and handling them with flair and beauty. The actor has already proved that he can handle any role effortlessly. The audience accepted each character of the star with full applause.

Neelthamara, Happy Husbands, Doubles, Indian Rupee, 22 Female Kottayam, Virus etc. The actor managed to win lakhs of fans through each of his films. The star gets a lot of popularity among the audience with all the films he has acted in. Along with this, the star also has an enchanting beauty.

The actor is a person who openly expresses his unique opinion on the issues going on in the society. Apart from all that, the star is also bright in the field of education. After graduating in journalism, the actor entered the film industry. Apart from this, the actor has performed all the dances at national and international stages and received a standing ovation. The actor is active in the film industry.

The actor who is active in all social media spaces is now active in the modeling field as well. All the yoga fitness photos and videos shared by the star are quickly taken by the fans. Now, the actor has shared a cool photo shoot in which he is lying on the beach with the waves. The star’s new photo shoot has gone viral with comments






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