Sajid Khan showed me his naked parts. Then asked to rate 0-10. Famous Bollywood star Sherlyn Chopra with revelation. Sherlyn Chopra is just one of the many actresses who faced this condition from him…

We can see a situation where Me Too campaign is going on very widely all over the world. Me Too is a campaign to openly talk about the mental and physical problems faced by prominent actresses in the field of movies and serials.

This has become very widespread in our Indian cinema as well. In our Malayalam cinema as well, the truths revealed by many prominent actors as part of the Me Too campaign have led to the unmasking of many prominent persons who were walking as gentlemen in the society.

Even many prominent actors fell into its trap. Many actresses have openly spoken about the bad experience they faced from directors and producers as well as actors. This new discussion has emerged from Bollywood.

Leading Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra has come forward with a strong criticism that the director behaved very badly towards her. The star’s revelation has surprised the B-Town world.

The star has revealed that prominent director, television host, comedian and actor Sajid Khan misbehaved with him. “Sajid Khan showed me his naked parts. Then asked to give a rate from 0-10.” Sherlyn Chopra did it openly.

This is now being discussed in a big way. Both of them are well-known celebrities in the Bollywood film world. Sajid Khan is a person who has proved his ability in different fields.

Many actresses have raised many allegations against him. Prominent actors like Mandana Karimi, Saloni Chopra, Rachel White, Simran Suri, Marina Kuwar, Aahana Kumra, Dimple Paula, Sherlyn Chopra, Karishma Upadhyay have raised allegations against him.

He was also banned from film directing for a year. Sherlyn Chopra is a star who shines equally as an actress and a model. The actor has gained fame for many reasons.






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