Sonali Chakraborty Passes Away After Prolonged Illness


Many Tollywood stars have expressed their grief over the news of Sonali’s death on social media. The actress had suffered from various physical ailments for a long time and had been hospitalised numerous times. In August of this year, she had to be hospitalized for water accumulation in her stomach. But despite her condition, she continued to work in films and television shows.

The actress, who was married to actor Shankar Chakraborty, had several roles in popular Bengali serials and films. She appeared in the popular daily soap ‘Gaatchora’ and appeared in Har Jeet and Bandhan. In the latter film, Sonali played the aunt of Solanki Roy, the protagonist in the movie.

She was 59 years old when she died. A chronic liver disease had taken its toll on the senior actress. Her death came as a shock to her many fans. She was a popular face on Bengali television and had been receiving treatment for months.

The actress was survived by her husband and daughter. Sonali had been battling a liver disease for a few months and had been in the hospital for several months. Her death is a loss for all of Bengali cinema. Sonali’s family is grieving over her loss.

The veteran actor had a long and successful career as a television and film actor. She featured in films like Gaatchora and Har Jeet and was widely recognized as a popular TV face. Her health issues had prevented her from continuing her work in recent years. Her death will be greatly missed by her many fans.


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