Sri Lankan model shares hot selfies from inside the car

Models are getting the most attention on social media these days. A photo shoot of models is something that can be seen on any social media flat form. They probably have more fans than the movie stars of today.

Today, there are many stars who have changed their careers by modeling. But nowadays, many stars are doing glamor shoots, but sometimes the photo shots of some models create a lot of controversy on social media. Nimesha Jayaraktane is a model who has won many fans by doing such glamor shoots.

Malayalam or even Tarot has many fans in Malayalam. The Sri Lankan model has lakhs of fans. It has more than three lakh fans on Instagram alone. Therefore, every photo shoot shared by the actor is taken by the fans. What made the star so viral is that he can shine both in a country dress and a glamor dress. The actor tries to make all the shoots he does different from each other.

The actor is also a celebrity on social media. Most of the glamor and hot look shoots of the star are posted on social media. The biggest strength of the star is the body beauty that makes anyone want it. Now the new pictures posted by the actor are going viral on social media. The actor posted a hot selfie from inside his car. Fans are taking pictures of the star in a very glamorous look. Indian actress or even star has lakhs of fans in India alone.






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