The awaited song Nangeli !!! The hit song from the movie “Pathonpatham Noottandu” is now released.

Pathonpatham Noottanda, an Indian Malayalam period drama film, is set in nineteenth-century Travancore. It is based on the life of Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker, a social reformer and warrior.

Set in 19th century Travancore, Pathonpatham Noottandu is a period drama film in the Malayalam language. The story centers on the life of the social reformer and warrior Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker. It stars Siju Wilson and Anand Reddy in the lead roles.

Despite being a period drama, Pathonpatham Noottadu has many contemporary themes and a female director. It deals with a group of women in nineteenth century India who are underprivileged. There is some representation of these women, but a male gaze is the overriding theme.

A historical fiction, Pathonpatham Noottandi puts the troubling history of that time period in the mainstream. It mocks regressive practices in the name of ‘tradition’ and packs a punch, making it stand out from the glut of period films in the Malayalam industry.

Vinayan has released a trailer of his upcoming Malayalam movie, ‘Pathonpatham Noottandu’, which stars Siju Wilson as a social reformer. The film is set in the 19th century, and highlights the caste system that was in place during that time. It also deals with the social discrimination that took place during this period. Siju Wilson’s character is fierce, and fights against unethical practices that were a part of society. The film is due for a release on 8th September 2017.

This film is a story of a young man who fights for his right to live a better life. It was based on real events. Indrans is a Tamil film that stars Siju Wilson as a social reformer. It also stars Anoop Menon, Kayadu Lohar, and Vishnu Vinayan. The film is directed by Gokulam Gopalan.

The makers of the upcoming Malayalam film Pathonpatham Noottandi have released the trailer of the film. In the trailer, Siju Wilson plays an arattupuva chief who is fighting for her people against the oppressive system. Pathonpatham Noottando’s story is set against 19th-century Travancore.

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