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sameea Bangera is an Indian model and Instagram star. She is an actress, travel blogger, and model. Here’s a look at her life, from her date of birth to her religious beliefs. You’ll also learn about her education and other facts about her. The following are some facts about Sameea Bangera.

Sameea Bangera is an Indian model, travel blogger and social media influencer. Born in Chennai, India, Sameea studied at a local school and has since moved to Melbourne, Australia. Her interests include food and traveling. She is active on Instagram and has over 270K followers.

Sameea Bangera is a very popular Instagram bikini model from India. She is five feet seven inches tall and weighs fifty kilograms. She has black eyes and long, velvety hair and comes from a Hindu family. She has over 230k followers on Instagram.

Sameea Bangera is an actress and model from India. She studied in Australia and returned to India to pursue her career in modeling. Her latest film is Tamil Song and she is currently dating Karun Raman. Her mother is the president of the International Women’s Association in Chennai. She loves traveling and dancing.

Sameea Bangera is an Indian model, travel blogger, and social media influencer. Born and raised in Chennai, India, she now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her social media profiles have earned her a large fan base. She posts inspirational captions and Reels on Instagram.

Sameea Bangera is a popular Indian model, travel blogger, and social media influencer. She is a well-known face on Instagram who shares a lot of inspiring pictures. Her followers mostly come from Southern India. Her popularity has increased over the years, and her fan base continues to grow. Born and raised in India, Sameea now resides in Melbourne, Australia. She has over 270K Instagram followers, and is very active on the social media site.

Food is her passion. She likes to eat different kinds of food and shares the stories of her food experiences on social media. She also loves to travel. She started traveling when she was just a year old. She continues to explore various places and loves being in natural settings. The foodie also participates in various fashion shows.

Sameea Bangera is an Indian actress, fashion model and influencer. She rose to fame for her hot and bold images and music videos. The actress has an estimated net worth of 80 lakh rupees. Her salary ranges between one lakh to two lakh rupees.

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