The Evergreen Tabu Goes Forward With ‘Drishyam 2’


‘Drishyam 2’ is a sequel to the blockbuster film of the same name. Ajay Devgn will reprise his role of Vijay Slagaonkar and is joined by Ishita Dutta and Shriya Saran in the sequel.

The film is being distributed by Yash Raj Films and has been held by Abhishek Pathak. The sequel will be released on 18 November 2022.

It is a follow up to the original movie, which starred Mohanlal, Esther Anil, and Meena. Besides Ajay and Ishita, the movie features Shriya Saran as Nandini Salgaonkar and Shriya Saran as the police inspector, who goes to great lengths to protect her family.

Ajay Devgn and Tabu have been working together since 1994. The duo starred in the spy-thriller film Khufiya. They have worked together on four other films since 2022. The duo recently finished work on another movie, Uppena, which was recently leaked online. Ajay confirmed that filming for Drishyam 2 has begun in Mumbai.

He also revealed that the film will have a teaser on September 29. Ajay is confident that the film will be an exciting one.

The original film was directed by the late Nishikant Kamat. It was a remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Drishyam’. The sequel is set six years after the original film. It features Ishita Dutta, Shriya Saran, Akshaye Khanna, and a slew of cameos by other actors.


The sequel will also feature the music of Devi Sri Prasad. The film will be produced by Panorama Studios and financed by T-Series. It will also be distributed by Viacom.

‘Drishyam 2’ is the sequel to Jeethu Joseph’s blockbuster movie, ‘Drishyam’. The film follows the story of Vijay Salgaonkar and his family. The film was a slam dunk and was praised for its story, music, and sexiness. The movie had an estimated box office of $82 million. In addition to the movie’s main event, there was also a prequel, which was made in Hindi, Telugu, and Chinese languages.

The film also had a special effect, which was the best one to be seen in a movie. This was a scene that was shot on a yacht. The special effect was done to emphasize the plight of Vijay Salgaonkar. In addition, it is the most complicated effect to pull off in a movie. The trick is to keep it subtle. It may be a cliche, but the film also had the ‘freddy’.


It was also the most expensive film to be produced. The cost for the film was an estimated $16 million. The sequel will take place six years after the original movie and will feature a star cast of Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Ishita Dutta, and Shriya Saran.

The film will be directed by Abhishek Pathak and will be financed by T-Series. The movie will be released in Hindi, Telugu, and Chinese languages. It will have a special effect that was the best one to be seen in tinsel town.


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