The photos of the eye-catching star… see the photos and you will also be impressed..

There are many stars in the film industry who have won lakhs of fans by acting in short films. They have only acted in one or two films. But the acceptance they get among the fans will be huge.

These types of stars who caught the attention of the audience by acting in one or two films, later become celebrities by constantly sharing photoshoots and videos on social media. There are many such celebrities in our Malayalam too.

Anupama Agnihotri is an actress who has found a place in the hearts of film lovers by acting in only a few films in this way. The actor has managed to win millions of fans with his acting skills and beauty.

The actor is active in social media. More than a million fans follow the star on Instagram alone.

Therefore, most of the star’s posts are becoming a hot topic on social media. Because the actor is mostly seen in bold clothes.

Now some photos shared by the actor on Instagram are making waves again on social media.

The beautiful photos of the star, who appeared like an angel in a white dress, have been welcomed by fans on social media.

Many people have commented that there is something wrong with the photos. Anyway, the photo went viral.

The actor was a participant in the Me Too campaign which created a stir not only in India but all over the world.

The actor revealed through the Me Too campaign that a person working in the film industry misbehaved with the actor. The actor made his first appearance on the silver screen by acting in the movie Raja Rangeela, which was released in 2018.






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