Reshmi Nair – Kerala Model and Feminist Activist

Reshmi Nair is a Kerala model and feminist activist. She has been involved in women’s rights movements and is a co-founder of the Kiss of Love protest. She is 25 years old and married with a three-year-old son. She began modeling after a break from her day job and with her husband’s blessing. Her work has been published in various national magazines. In 2014, she was a finalist in the Miss Social Contest organized by Playboy magazine.

Born in Kollam, Reshmi Nair is a graduate in engineering and started her modeling career in Chennai. She was a finalist of the Playboy’s Miss Social Contest 2014. Her photo-shoots made her famous and her profile has been updated on different modeling websites. In 2014, her ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign got her national attention. She led from the front and criticized the “moral policing” system in Kerala. This raised the eyebrows of several Hindu groups and was the cause of many debates. The campaign spread to other parts of the country, where similar protests were held.






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