The ultimate glamour! Honey Rose smiles in front of the cameras at the inauguration…

Honey Rose is an actress who has a lot of fans in the South Indian film world. Apart from Malayalam, the actor has also acted in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films. The actor has been active in the acting field since 2005. The actor started acting in Malayalam, but very soon the actor got opportunities in other languages. The actor showed great acting skills right from the beginning.

The actor first acted in the Malayalam movie Boy Friend directed by Vinayan. The audience accepted each character played by the actor with full applause. Kanal, Ittamani: Made in China, Big Brother, God’s Own Cletus, Sir CP, My God With and Ring Master are all notable roles in the films he starred in.

As well as in Malayalam, the star has been able to gain fans in other languages ​​very quickly. The actor’s role in the first Tamil film, Mudal Kanave, a romantic film, was notable. Now the actor is about to debut in Telugu. The actor has been winning lakhs of fans through each of the films he has acted in so far.

No matter what the role, the actor gives a good performance. The actor played each character very beautifully and maturely. Now the movie released starring Mohanlal is Monster. The actor was able to play the lead role in the film. The fans have taken the movie with great fanfare.

Now the star’s new photos are going viral. The photos and video of the star in a cool saree look are now going viral. New photos are now circulating among the fans. Fans leave comments with great comments and love. Soon the photos were taken over by fans and went viral.






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