Ullu Actress Priya Gamre Hotn Reels Gets Viral !!!! Watch it

Priya Gamre is a popular Marathi actress. She began her career in the Marathi film industry, and has also acted in several television series and web series. She first appeared on the big screen in the 2009 movie, 1 Navra 3 Bayka, and has appeared in dozens of other films and television shows since.


Her latest film, “Relationship Counsellor”, is one of the most anticipated Marathi films of this year. A fan favorite, Priya Gamre has a large fan base on social media.

Priya Gamre was born on 20 May 1993 in Thane, Maharashtra, India. She started her career in the television industry in 2009, playing the character Maya in the web series Gaachi. She also works in films and commercials for various brands. As of this writing, her net worth is estimated to be between two and three crore Indian rupees.


Priya Gamre is an award-winning actress who has acted in numerous films. She has also appeared in a web series called Ullu, where she played a young woman who dreams of a prince. She realizes that she also has feelings for the prince, and they fulfill each other’s desires in the end. Priya Gamre has also been cast in a series called Gaachi, which is about female empowerment.


Priya began her career by acting in small roles in web series and movies. In 2009, she played the main role in Marathi film, “1 Navra 3 Bayka”.


Since then, she has acted in many other Marathi films, TV series, and web series. This has helped Priya to grow as an actress and make a name for herself.







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