Urfi Javed Calls Out a Blackmailer Demanding Video Sex

A Punjabi woman called out a man who is blackmailing her to have ‘video sex’ on her in a recent article. Urfi, now known as Uorfi, has been famous for her bold fashion choices and has donned everything from cotton candy to sacks. She said she was being blackmailed by a man who threatened to destroy her career if she didn’t comply with his demands.

Bollywood actress Urfi Javed, a social media influencer, has made headlines over the past two weeks following her allegations of ‘video sex’ blackmail. She has since been hospitalized after she developed a high fever and shared screenshots of the social media messages from the alleged blackmailer.

The incident comes a week after the Punjabi actress said she was subjected to a series of messages from a man in which he threatened to use a camera to force her to have video sex with him. Urfi, who has appeared in several Punjabi movies, has long been an advocate of risque fashion and has faced severe criticisms over her bold outfits. But she has never given up easily. In fact, the actress recently shared a long note on her social media accounts alleging that she has been blackmailed by a man.

A music video star, Urfi Javed is admitted to the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Mumbai after being admitted due to illness. During the first few days, Urfi was suffering from high fever and vomiting. Her fans worried about her health and called out a doctor for help. But today, the singer is said to be in good condition.

The actress, whose real name is Uorfi, had changed her name to protect her privacy after she was blackmailed and threatened to leak morphed pictures. She had filed a police complaint against the blackmailer, but it did not help and the woman was left feeling helpless and confused. Urfi took to social media to air her frustrations, which has been causing a stir online.

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