Urfi Javed Flaunts Her sweet Figure In Very Open Blouse!!!!!! check it out

Urfi Javed is all about extreme fashion and we’re loving her latest DIY outfit. She paired the sexy top with wide-leg blue denim and pulled her hair back in a high ponytail.

The Bigg Boss OTT contestant has created a new crop top, this time made from food packaging plastic. She also wore a similar outfit to a recent photo shoot. She shared a video of the new creation on Instagram.

Urfi has a reputation for wearing eccentric and creative outfits. She’s made clothes from stones, wires, cotton candy, and sacks, and has also posed topless with long hair. The result is a fashion statement that has garnered the attention of netizens the world over.

The Bigg Boss OTT contestant wrapped her bare body in food plastic in a transparent crop top and shared a video of it on her Instagram account. The transparent crop top is made from food plastic, which is normally used to wrap foods. Urfi then glued colourful plastic flowers to the plastic to cover her assets. She finished off the look with long earrings.

The model, whose real name is Uorfi Javed, has been making headlines with her OTT outfits in recent times. She has been seen wearing anything from safety pins to blades and has become a fashion sensation in the process. Her fashion sense is unmatched and her outfits are often seen trending on social media.

Urfi Javed is a Pakistani actress who has wowed the internet with her innovative fashion sense. The transparent crop top was created out of cling wrap, a thin plastic film used to wrap food. It’s used everywhere and is often overlooked, yet Urfi’s innovative style was noticed and lauded by netizens everywhere. Her creative look is complete with strategically placed flowers, mom jeans, and long earrings.

The star made a unique crop top out of food plastic and teamed it with denim. She also attached colorful flowers to the top. Her makeup was minimal. In the video, she showed off her sexy new outfit on social media.

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