Urfi Javed threatened to wear clothes if he did not give them clothes… He replied that I did not wear your father’s underwear…

Urfi Javed is an actor who has proved his talent both as an actress and as a model. The actor has won many fans with his acting skills and enchanting beauty. The actor approaches each character in a way that is endearing to the audience. The actor is winning lakhs of fans through each series in which he acts. The actor started acting in 2016.

The actress is the best actress in television series. The actor can handle any character very beautifully. The actor has been showing excellent acting since the beginning. Bigg Boss show made the star more popular. The actor was there as a Bigg Boss 2021 contestant. The show made the star popular as the star gave very good competitive performances.The actor is a bright person in the field of acting but now he is active in the modeling field. The actor, who is active in the field of modeling, has recently participated in many model photoshoots. The star is also becoming the center of social media attention with her different outfits. The star always shares glamorous photos in hot and bold looks.

The other day, the actor shared a photo shoot in which he sought the help of someone else to change. After uploading that video, many criticisms and abuses have come against the actor. Now social media influencer Hindustani Bhau is speaking in a threatening tone by coming against the star in a live video.

Change the way you walk in public wearing such clothes in the name of fashion or I will change it, he said. He says that none of these things are suitable for the culture of India and therefore it should be changed and that their dressing methods and styles are influencing our children.But despite saying this in a critical and threatening tone, it has been accepted very strictly and Kidukan has given a reply. Am I wearing your father’s underwear, this is my underwear, my clothes, everything is mine, what does it have to do with you, asks Urufi Javed.

Urufi Javedi is breaking every boundary of the culture every time, it is understood from every critical notes and comments against the star on social media. But no matter what, everyone can see that the star is becoming more glamorous day by day and the star is sharing more and more bold photos.






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