What Vidya Balan Learnt After Pic With Fan: “I’m No Longer Scared” !!

After the photo-shopped fan-photo of the Heyy Baby actress, we asked her what she’s learned about embracing her own body. Here’s Her answer. She’s learnt that it’s OK to be different. The actress’s favourite time pass is watching television shows. She enjoys watching dramas and is not too keen on the attention. She’s happy with her Indian looks and is confident that no one will be able to imitate her.

The actor and social media icon, Vidya Balan, has recently written a lengthy Instagram post on embracing oneself. This post outlines the importance of self-love in today’s society. Self-love has grown in popularity worldwide, and the actor argues that we should do more to embrace ourselves. Despite the pressures we put on ourselves to look beautiful and fit, Vidya Balan’s recent post on embracing oneself has been timely. Vidya Balan shared two selfies taken in a mirror, one with no makeup, and one with no caption. Vidya Balan shared a message on Instagram that many people needed to hear.

The actress’ recent post on embracing herself is a great example of the positive changes she has made in her life. She has been an icon on screen and off, breaking stereotypes and addressing issues that matter. And she’s a woman who is making a difference, and that is something she does best. In addition to making us feel good about ourselves, Vidya Balan’s recent message on embracing oneself after Pic With Fan is inspiring to all of us.

The star was recently asked by Karan Johar if she prefers to sleep on cotton or silk sheets. However, she couldn’t tell us how it felt, saying that she doesn’t know whether she prefers cotton or silk. It was then that we realised that she might be referring to the ‘acting’ aspect of the question.

During the interview, Karan asked the actress about her bedroom rituals. She said that she likes to keep her bedroom in medium-light or dark. Besides, she uses candles and light music in her room. When asked about the beddings, she said she likes both cotton sheets and silk sheets. However, she does prefer cotton sheets because she feels they are more comfortable.

After being praised for her saree in a recent film, Vidya Balan decided to share her favorite time pass on Instagram. The actress shared a no-makeup selfie with her fans and the last photo she had taken with her cell phone. Vidya also revealed that her favorite dish is bread pudding made by her mother-in-law. Following this, Vidya also shared a picture of herself in bed. The actress also revealed that she loves to watch the TV show FRIENDS and enjoys having a cup of coffee.

The actress is quite active on social media and regularly engages with her fans. In an interesting post on her profile, Vidya answered a fan’s question about dating and revealed some unseen pictures. In a recent post on her Instagram, Vidya also shared a picture of herself eating a plate of dates, which had fans in stitches. Vidya’s latest photo is a sultry one of her new favourites, and the photo was shared with over 8 million fans.

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