“Women can live happily alone without men. But men always need a woman to live, to live happily “..Sri Lakshmi Arakkal….

Srilakshmi Arakkal is a familiar name to media users. It is the mind and willingness to openly express his opinions in front of the society that has made the star a well-known personality very quickly among others. The fact that the actor has made many viral statements in the past has helped the actor become a social media celebrity very quickly.

A long Facebook post expressing the joy of watching the new movie Jaya Jaya Jayahe, starring Joseph Darshana Rajendran and others in Base, which was released a few days ago, is now attracting the attention of fans and audiences. Very quickly the words written on Facebook have gone viral.

The actor has written an essay on Facebook that matches many things in the film with current events. The intelligence and thinking power of a very wide star has been revealed in words. In the note, the actor has expressed his full appreciation to the team members who have discussed these types of ideas and presented them in a very good manner. It can be understood from the words that the actor accepted the excellence of the actors with full heart.

The Facebook post reads: ‘Jaya jaya jaya hai kandu’ amidst the rush. Great picture. Darshan Rajendran has no salvation. Dialogue is not a big deal for Darshana.but performance, there is no salvation. Had a good laugh. Kudos to the director and screenwriter. And the most favorite thing is that even after 2 weeks, the picture is sitting like a house full. In the past, movies that talked about politics like this would come only for film festivals.But today the film has changed its look and feel and has reached the family audience. Girls who grow up watching this movie will grow up to be great. I feel very happy about that. There is a lot in this movie that any woman can relate to. So many smart women are still sitting at home like Jayaye. Let this movie inspire them to fight back when they get hit.

One thing I realized after watching this movie is that I am in the position I am today because of a decision I made years ago. It was nothing but “learning”. There are many girls among us who have a strong desire to learn and I would like to see myself in a kitchen like Jay. Educate them. No matter what crisis comes your way and get educated. Because only that can save us.A girl who can’t stand on her own feet and has no opinion has no worth in this world. So, whether you are born in a big house or a small house, stand on your own feet and express your opinions openly. Because no matter how well you live, society will give you a bad name. So don’t fear the bad name and see it as an endorsement and live wisely according to your own opinion.

Thanks to the director who gave such a movie to Kerala. I cried watching many scenes. Congratulations to the whole team for making a film like this wrapped in humor and putting it in front of the Malayalee male protagonist. It’s easy to bully and scare everyone, anyone can do it. But it takes a little courage and concentration to write with eyes. These were brilliant scenes.So those who haven’t seen this movie yet, go and see it immediately. And everyone remember what Basil Joseph said in the movie” Women can live happily alone without men. But men always need a woman to live; to live happily,” said a proud feminist.






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