WOW cuteness overloaded.. Look at Monami who has come to this mass look from the stunning pics.. Just saying cute is not enough..

Now it’s photo shoot time. In our country Although there are many who accept it.

But there are those who try to stay in the field of their choice.

Monami is one of the most sought after actresses on Instagram today and there are still those who believe that modeling is only for skinny and white people.

Education is only knowledge and information, but at the same time there are people who are stuck. But there are those who are passionate about modeling.

While cinema is an aspirational destination, not all aspirants end up there. Some will live with that desire.

There is an unparalleled community in the acting world today that criticizes what you do and calls it acting.

Support from friends is huge. Every photo shoot he does gets great support and great comments.

But there are also many negative comments. Many suggest new photos of her saree, churidar, lehenga and jeans.

He mostly does glamor shoots. Most of the negative comments are about my body. You are overweight. There are bad jokes about many clothes being ill-fitting and fat.

Modeling is one of his passions and always goes hand in hand with it.

Those who say that modeling is just a body show criticize that modeling is for getting likes and followers.

Body presentation is also an art. Some will do glamor photoshoots, while others will do semi-news and news.

This is an art. But the truth is that critics do not understand this. No matter what happens, there will definitely be people to criticize.








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