Yashika kept her mouth shut and replied, “Anyway, it’s bigger than your panties”

Yashika Anand is a glamorous star who has won many fans in the film industry. The actor was able to show his skills and win applause in the modeling field, television field and film field alike.

The actor was an Instagram model before he started acting in films . The star, who is only 21 years old, is followed by 23 lakh people on Instagram alone. That’s why photos and details become popular.

The actor has acted not only in the region but also in the serial scene. His performance in Sun TV serial Maya was also commendable.

Just like the star has a lot of fans on the big screen, the same is true on the mini screen. That’s how the audience accepted each character.

The first movie was successful. The star’s first movie was the movie Kavalai Nadhum.

This victory was a great stroke of luck. The actor was also noted for his role in the super hit Tamil movie Druvanal 16. It got a great response.

Another notable film is Utchar Arayil Muruttu Kuthu.

Acting in this movie is said to be the reason behind the star’s huge fan following and the star’s followers on social media platforms.

Yesterday, the actor held a question and answer session on Instagram. A question that came in it and the actor’s answer to it is now making waves on social media. The question was what is your breast size?

This issue has become so popular because the actor gave an unexpected answer. Anyway, the actor replied that it is bigger than your undies.

The star’s reply is a total slap to those who make such nervous comments.






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